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All the good ones are already taken, or how I almost grew rich by thinking March 9, 2007

Posted by IntimatePower in branding, marketing, tagging.

I was reading Chris Garrett‘s advice about choosing a good name for your blog,

For example “Flickr” wouldn’t play well to a straight-laced-grammar-nazi audience, the missing ‘e’ would just annoy, but the Web2.0 audience embraced it.”

I recalled other websites that use this mis-spelling, such as Zooomr and Browsr

My mind was racing…

I love tagging, so many people looove tagging, and part of the web2.0 buzz is about tagging

I know !

I shall set-up a site called Tagr.com that will be all about tagging.

I’ll provide a useful service, have fun, and maybe even get rich !

Great !

I just need to registr this domain name and I’m done.


Tagr.com is already taken by someone who merely Thinks And Grows Rich.

All the good ones are already taken.


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