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About Eyal

Checkout my new website, about Intimacy, purpose, and wealth, here:



Technologist, Photographer, Spiritual Seeker.

My passport says I am “Eyal Matsliah”, but don’t break your teeth trying to say that.

I chose “EyalNow” as a handle to reflect my focus on present moment awareness.

I live in Koh PhaNgan, a small tropical island in the south of Thailand.

I am an optimist, open-minded person and try to see and make the best of people, places and situations.

I am interested in and exploring:

Life, science and technology, yoga and spirituality, alternative lifestyles, cyber-culture, environmentalism, personal-development, cinema , art, photography, ethical marketing, network-economy, futurism, social change.

I share my highlights from every interesting article I read at my Diigo page.

This is how I see the world:

More links to my shared bookmarks, news items and more at: http://claimid.com/eyalnow

I can be contacted via ” e y a l n o w AT g m a i l D0T c o m ”

My last name is sometimes spelled “mazliah” or “mazliach” or “matsliach” or “אייל מצליח” “מצליח”


1. Laura - September 12, 2014

Hi Eyal,
Love your website!! I’ve read a lot of your info and I’m hooked! Thanks for sharing your WISDOM! I notice your name and see Hebrew writing are you Jewish? My husband and I are Jewish so I’m wondering if you practice Judiasm Kabbalah?
Thanks again for all your exciting and informative writings:)

Laura Davis

Eyal IntimatePower - September 13, 2014

Dear Laura,

I left israel in 2004, and only visit my family occassionally.

Please check out my new website here:


Kol toov (all the best),

Eyal. Intimate Life Coaching IntimatePower.com

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