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Intuitive user interfaces March 14, 2007

Posted by IntimatePower in innovation, interface, technology.

I recently came across two innovative user interfaces that are reminiscent of the technology portrayed in the movie Minority Report.They both use touch-screens that can handle multiple inputs, and are sensitive to both movement and pressure.

Jeff Han of Perceptive Pixel, presenting his touch-screen at TED, said some things I found inspiring:

“There’s no manual, there’s no interface – the interface just kinda disappears”

“At this day and age, there’s no reason we should be conforming to a physical device… interfaces should be conforming to us”

“This is really the way we should be interacting with machines from this point on”

Fast Company magazine has a piece on Han, written by Adam L. Penenberg.

Natural Interaction

The second touch-screen is by an italian company called natural interaction, which has some captivating videos on their website.