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“What are you optimistic about?” – Leading EDGE thinkers share their thoughts March 12, 2007

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Every year, EDGE, a leading scientific community, presents a question to its members – leading thinkers and scientists.

At the beginning of 2007, it presented the following question:

What Are You Optimistic About? Why?

Here are some excerpts that I found interesting, thought-provoking, and in some cases, even inspiring.
While I don’t necessarily agree or accept all of them, I still find them important.

[Note: My notes appear in square brackets]

John Brockman
Edge’s Publisher and Editor

As an activity, as a state of mind, science is fundamentally optimistic. Science figures out how things work and thus can make them work better. Much of the news is either good news or news that can be made good, thanks to ever deepening knowledge and ever more efficient and powerful tools and techniques. Science, on its frontiers, poses more and ever better questions, ever better put.

Richard Dawkins
Evolutionary biologist; Charles Simonyi Professor for the Understanding of Science, Oxford University; author, ‘The God Delusion’

I am optimistic that the physicists of our species will complete Einstein’s dream and discover the final theory of everything.
I am optimistic that, although the theory of everything will bring fundamental physics to a convincing closure, the enterprise of physics itself will continue to flourish, just as biology went on growing after Darwin solved its deep problem.
I am optimistic that the two theories together will furnish a totally satisfying naturalistic explanation for the existence of the universe and everything that’s in it, including ourselves.

Brian Eno
Artist; composer; producer (U2, Talking Heads, Paul Simon); recording artist

The acceptance of the reality of global warming has, in the words of Sir Nicholas Stern in his report on climate change to the British government, shown us “the greatest and widest ranging market failure ever seen”.

Technical solutions will hopefully be found, but the process will need to be primed and stoked and enforced by legislation that would be regarded as big-government socialism in the present climate.

The future may be a bit more like Sweden and a bit less like America.



All the good ones are already taken, or how I almost grew rich by thinking March 9, 2007

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I was reading Chris Garrett‘s advice about choosing a good name for your blog,

For example “Flickr” wouldn’t play well to a straight-laced-grammar-nazi audience, the missing ‘e’ would just annoy, but the Web2.0 audience embraced it.”

I recalled other websites that use this mis-spelling, such as Zooomr and Browsr

My mind was racing…

I love tagging, so many people looove tagging, and part of the web2.0 buzz is about tagging

I know !

I shall set-up a site called Tagr.com that will be all about tagging.

I’ll provide a useful service, have fun, and maybe even get rich !

Great !

I just need to registr this domain name and I’m done.


Tagr.com is already taken by someone who merely Thinks And Grows Rich.

All the good ones are already taken.

Diigo web annotation – My suggestions March 8, 2007

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In a previous post, I introduced Diigo, a great tool that “lets you permanently highlight, annotate, tag and manage text from any website.”

Here are a few suggestions and ideas, which, IMHO, will make Diigo even better:


Learn from others, particularly ClipMarks, Digg and del.icio.us

Add the ability to save and tag individual items (text, images) within a page as separate entities, with the URL being only a sub-property.
Diigo can thus grow to become a great way to manage and share knowledge and information, not just bookmarks.

Display a simple interface by default for new users.
Add an option to the settings section to turn on advanced features.
Allow customization of as many features as possible.

Diigo’s website

Improve the design, navigation, and user-experience at Diigo’s website

Improve, and update, the flash demo. Display a short demo on the homepage
Display one version of the homepage for guests and another for logged-in members

Improve about.diigo.com – collapse/rearrange categories, customize search results

Managing My bookmarks

Improve display of highlights – replace the boxes with thin horizontal lines; remove/hide unnecessary details and buttons (“about 2 hours ago; Add Sticky Note; Remove Annotation”). Clipmarks is a great example of a simple and clear way to display selected highlights from webpages.

Allow sorting and filtering of bookmarks

Fix the display of tags – currently it is truncated

Allow grouping /categorization of bookmarks

Add the option to save multiple-paged articles together

Show my highlights in the preview and the cache

The Bookmarks Section

Improve the “Bookmarks” section – it’s currently titled and linked as “Community”

Change its title to “popular”

Display topics, Popular URLs, Featured Members

Allow sorting and filtering by time-range or popularity (implement this at other sections of the website as well)

Expand the “social” aspect

Allow subscribing to someone’s bookmarks and/or marking them as favorites

Improve the ability to view how many others, and who else, saved/commented/voted on this URL

Let members tell about themselves, and search for others who share their interests

Improve the quality of the content

Add protection algorithms that guard against link-spam

Add the option to flag a URL/Comment/Member/Group as spam

Add the option to vote on URLs/Comments

Add the option to permanently hide URLs by Tag/User/Domain (Some don’t want to see anything that’s tagged NSFW or adult)

Diigo Toolbar (It’s great, but there’s always room for improvements)

Currently, the bookmarklet’s context-menu works better than the toolbar (read= less clicks)
Add the ability to customize the toolbar

Add more keyboard support:
– Hotkey to highlight selected text
– Show pop-up menu also when selecting text with keyboard

Add the following options:
Automatic highlighting upon text selection
Hide pop-up menu after a certain timeout
Auto-highlight all headers.
Add an option to jump to the next highlight (toolbar button + keyboard shortcut)

Saving/Viewing a bookmark with the toolbar button

Show recommended tags when I save a bookmark (like delicious)

Suggest tags as I type

Display my highlights and annotations when clicking the toolbar button. It’s an easy way to view my summary of the page without having to scroll through the actual page.

Thank you, Diigo Team

Diigo is already a great tool;
I’m raising these issues in the hope of making it even better.

What are your impressions of Diigo?
What do you think will make it better?
Would you pay for it?

Permanently highlight and annotate text on any webpage with Diigo March 8, 2007

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Have you ever bookmarked a web page, but upon returning had to re-read it to find what it was that you found interesting ?
Have you ever wished you could add your notes and thoughts to web pages, the same way you would on paper ?
Do you want to save, tag and share only the highlights of a web page ?

Enter Diigo.

Diigo lets you permanently highlight, annotate, tag and manage text from any website.

When you view your bookmarks you can also view the sections you highlighted and the notes you wrote.

It is much more useful than a mere “social bookmarking” service such as del.icio.us, Furl, or Digg.

Diigo is my current “killer application”.

Read detailed reviews at CNET and TechCrunch, or go ahead and install it.

Oh, and it’s free.

Diigo’s pop-up menu appears when you mouse-over selected text