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1. Thomas H. Greco - November 18, 2008

Thanks for that very thoughtful and comprehensive treatment of the subject. Yous proposals are excellent.

2. powerweirdo - January 5, 2009

“legal downloads, CD sales, commercial uses of their music, live performances”

^^None of that is “Free music.”

3. eyalnow - January 6, 2009

@powerweirdo – free music and payed music are symbiotic; they both support and complement each other. free music gives distribution, promotion and payed music provides other elements, such as the experience of attending a live show.

4. 'Tunji John Abif - March 30, 2009


I book marked this on delicious last year. I have found it resourceful, insightful and very useful indeed!
I have a musician whom I’m trying to set up a viral/web based campaign for at the moment and I’ll be adopting some of the strategies you’ve pointed out here. 🙂
I think smart musicians will take heed of key points in this article.
Very many thanks for putting this together.

TJ Abif. (@TJAbif)
England, UK.

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